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Homes for Local People, just a dream?

Funding to explore the possibility of building homes, owned by the community, for the community has been received from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government through the 'Community Led Homes Start Up Support Programme'.

Working with members of the Neston Neighbourhood Plan Monitoring Group we will be working with one of the four leading community-led housing organisations, Locality to explore the potential of building homes that are owned by the community for local people who may otherwise find it difficult to stay in the area.

There has been a growing problem, particularly for single people, in finding suitable and affordable homes meaning that many have had to move out of Neston and into The Wirral or Ellesmere Port.

The main problems being that there is a lack of one bedroom accomodation, rents are higher and Neston residents receive less housing benefit than most of Cheshire West.

If you would like to know more about this project go to www, where there will be regular updates until a new standalone site is developed.

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