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Civic Hall Bookings...

Two and a half years after Neston Civic Hall closed it's doors due to the pandemic, we are finally, really pleased to announce that we will be accepting bookings again for events, celebrations and more.

From Monday 8th August bookings will be accepted by calling us on 0151 336 7805 or by emailing In the coming weeks our online booking platform will also be available for you to check availability on the dates you want.

Reopening an old building that has been closed for more than 2 years was more work than we expected and we still haven't done everything we want to. Unfortunately, repairing a leaky roof that really needs replacing was more of a challenge than we knew. We also had to do extensive work on the cellar so that we could reopen the bar - literally until we pulled the first pint, we still weren't sure it was all going to work.

However, following the trial event a couple of weeks ago, we can now take bookings with confidence.

Join the Team

We have also just extended the deadline for applications to join our team to lead the development of Neston Civic Hall. If you have the energy and enthusiasm to make this project a success, we want to hear from you. You can find out more information at

Current Activities

As we announced previously, the hall has been in use for a number of groups who had traditionally delivered their services there. Neston Flower Society, Neston U3A and Bedazzled Dance have all been running their programmes for the past 4 months. Hip & Harmony CIC and Little Actors Theatre Company have also run one off activities in that time too. Neston Players and our very own Neston Flicks Team are booked in from September onwards to ensure that these much loved social activities will return.

Future Plans

That's not all. Having been unsuccessful last year, we are now in the process of reapplying to the Government's Community Ownership Fund to secure the funding to replace the roof and refurbish the building. This application will be submitted towards the end of the year and we will keep you informed as we move forward.


A massive Thank You for your patience. We have been working really hard and we really appreciate your understanding.

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