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Coming back, safe and secure...

As restrictions are easing, we have been working hard behind the scenes to make sure that as well as being welcoming, our centre is safe.

Yes, we have got sanitiser and signs but the real challenge is how do safely manage over 2000 people per month taking part in literally hundreds of activities? The answer sadly is that we can't, in the short term at least.

For now, we have been working with Neston Job Centre and Citizens Advice as well as getting our new Health and Wellbeing service up and running. This, in itself, means that one of our rooms is now office space.

Activity providers are starting to plan ahead but even then, with current social distancing measures in place the capacity of our rooms have more than halved which means that, for many, programmes are unaffordable. We are working hard to find an alternative solution and as we know more we will update this page.

For now though:

  • Neston Job Centre staff are available via your Universal Credit journal or by calling 0151 255 4804.

  • Citizens Advice West Cheshire are available via the phone on 0345 666671 or online at www,

  • Foodbank is still operating every Thursday from 10am to 12pm but you no longer have to wait to get a voucher. You can now call the centre any day on 0151 336 7805 and have an e-voucher issued over the phone.

  • Neston Angels are working through an increased workload but phone befriending is still running.

We are also working on a couple of fun, socially distanced, activities and when we know more we will post this info too.

To stay updated with all the latest information and exciting news, please register above.

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