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Rocket Science = Hollywood Gold at Neston Flicks

Hidden Figures, the next Saturday Night Flicks film is a 'feelgood period piece ... every bit as enjoyable as a best picture Oscar-nominated blockbuster could hope to be' according to The Guardian.

The Hidden Figures of the title are a trio of NASA women who played a large part in the 1969 mission to send astronaut John Glenn into space. Because they were African-American, their contribution was hardly acknowledged until Margot Shetterley's 2017 book on which the film is based.

It's a novel tale, with energetic, inspiring performances from its three leading ladies and a great score by Pharell Williams.

“Lots of movies are labeled ‘inspirational’ – Hidden Figures truly earns the right to the term.” – Rolling Stone

Hidden Figures is at Neston Civic Hall on Saturday 24th March.

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