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Young People's Counselling Service

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As part of our Cheshire Minds Matter programme, funded by Cheshire Community Foundation, we have commissioned Healthbox CIC to deliver 6 week counselling programmes to 18 local young people in order to support young people whose mental health is being negatively impacted and to prevent their circumstances from worsening.

Before you make a referral, please check that the following statements are true:

  1. The young person is aware that you are making this referral and they wish to receive the support available if appropriate.

  2. The young person agrees to their information being shared with both Neston Community Youth Centre and Healthbox CIC.

    • Neston Community Youth Centre will use their information to monitor the effectiveness of the programme and to report to funders anonymously​

    • Healthbox CIC will use their information to manage the programme and to make contact with them directly.

  3. The counselling on offer will be limited to 6, one hour sessions per person.​

  4. The young person agrees to take part in some simple questionnaires about their experience and how they are feeling at the beginning and end of the programme.


If those are all true, then please proceed to complete the form below and the young person, or their identified contact, will be contacted by Healthbox CIC, usually within 5 working days. 

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