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Virus Response Neston

We know we've been quiet but we've been working really hard with lots of organisations to co-ordinate help locally for those that need it.

What does that mean?

It means that from today if you visit you will be able to offer or ask for help in dealing with self isolation. We've tried to keep it as simple as possible.

What help?

To begin with, our first priority is to ensure that anyone who is self isolating is able to access their normal medication. We have a lot of older and vulnerable people in the area, many of whom rely on medicine for other conditions.

Next week we will start to organise getting essential groceries, toiletries and cleaning products on behalf of those that can't and we will tell you more when this is available.

What can you do?

First, if you're fit and well, look after and help your own family, friends and neighbours without telling us. Pick up some 'bits' for your next door neighbour but maintain their isolation by leaving items on their doorstep before knocking, stepping away from the door and waiting to make sure they're collected.

Second, if you've done that and you can help others, click the link above and let us know.

Third, if you know somebody who needs to self isolate, but isn't getting support, let us know that too using the same link or by calling 0151 336 7805

Finally, follow our website or Facebook page and download the Neston Life app to your phone where the incredible About My Area are still working really hard to get important information out.

As time goes on, we will let you know what else we need to deal with problems as they arise.

Is the Centre Open?

The answer is yes... and no! From today the doors will not be freely open to the public but we aren't closed and we're not hiding. We are trying to keep a safe space for alternative activities and co-ordinating this work. The Job Centre will remain open but if you need anything, if possible, call first on 0151 255 4804. This is not a call centre, this number is for Neston Job Centre and you will be able to speak to our amazing local staff.

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