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The End of The Line... for now

You may have seen us featured on The One Show on BBC last night. If you did you will know that we were unsuccessful in winning a decommissioned Pacer Train from the Department for Transport.

Almost five years ago, during the Neighbourhood Plan consultation, suggestions were made about improving the Wirral Way transition point at Station Road. It is believed that very few people walking and cycling along the Wirral Way, who are not local, venture into the town centre and know little about our incredible Town.

We wanted to change that - actually we still do - and bid to win a railway carriage that could be refurbished as a Walking and Cycling hub offering a convenient place for visitors to take a breath, have a cuppa and find out more information about what they might be missing. Sadly we were unsuccessful but we still believe the project is important so we are seeking creative ideas to help fulfill this ambition. Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

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