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Help with Vaccine

This weekend, Neston and Willaston Primary Care Network (PCN) will begin to administer the Coronavirus Vaccine to local people in line with the Joint Committee on Vaccine and Immunisation (JCVI) Priority List.

As PCN partners, Neston Community Youth Centre has been asked to support this process by stewarding the process. The first cohort of residents to receive the vaccine will be the over 80's many of whom has reduced mobility even before the lockdown - some have not ventured out since.

We need a large number of volunteers to be on hand to guide patients and their drivers safely. Due to the poor weather, each volunteer will only be able to do short sessions (roughly an hour) although you may volunteer to do more throughout the weekend though please don't book back to back sessions.

Starting Friday morning at 7:30am through till 4:30pm on Sunday we will need to have 8 volunteers supporting both our staff and medical staff to ensure that people can arrive, queue and exit safely.

You will need to be fit and healthy and able to dress appropriately for the weather conditions (its likely to be very cold). High Visibility Vests and all necessary PPE will be provided.

There will also be a briefing session online on Thursday Evening for all volunteers who have signed up.

To support this process, Sign Up Now

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