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Neston Flicks back in 2024

Neston Flicks planned screening of Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom on Saturday 2 December has had to be postponed until the new year, so Neston Flicks' next film will now be on Saturday 27th January 2024.

We have a corker of a film to start the year with, as we screen The Great Escaper, with great British acting royalty Michael Caine and Glenda Jackson starring in this true story of 89-year-old veteran Bernard Jordan. Royal Navy veteran Bernie "broke out" of his nursing home to attend the 70th anniversary D-Day commemorations in France in June 2014, making global headlines, and embodying the defiant, "can-do" spirit of a generation.

The bitter-sweet script explores the reality with wit and a big heart. Bernie's adventure marked the culmination of his 60-year marriage to Irene - the story celebrates their love without sentimentality and with an eye to the lessons we can all learn from the Greatest Generation.

The film marks the final screen performances for both lead actors: Jackson died nine months after filming finished and Caine announced his retirement from acting in October 2023.

"Caine and Jackson and their ineffable class give this film some real grit: it’s a wonderful last hurrah for Jackson and there is something moving and even awe-inspiring in seeing these two British icons together." - The Guardian

"A moving and surprisingly nuanced drama offering far more than flag-waving nostalgia. Superb performances from Michael Caine and Glenda Jackson." - Empire Magazine

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