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Christmas in Neston Needs YOU!

Updated: Nov 8

The Lantern Parade is coming back to Neston this year as part of the Christmas festivities on Saturday 25th November 2023, and in order to make it bigger and better than ever, we need local residents to get involved, and give a few hours of their time to help.

Can you give an hour or two to any of the activities below?


Lantern Workshops

17th November Lantern making at NCYC


19th November

9.30am - 12pm Lantern making at Neston Civic Hall

12pm - 2.30pm Lantern making at Neston Civic Hall

Lantern Prep

From home in your own time Making poles from bamboo canes and wire

Cutting and sewing polycotton triangles

Stewarding / Event Support

25th November

12.30pm-1.30pm Help with setting up stage gazebo

12.30pm-4pm Decorating / setting up barriers and games stalls

5pm-6pm Help with setting up small stage and PA

4pm-7.30pm Stewards for market square and parade

7.30pm-8.30pm Help with packing away

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