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You can't get fresher than this!

Please feel free to come and get some herbs or veggies currently growing in our community garden. Just ask at reception if you'd like some lettuce, French beans, leeks, chard, rosemary, sage, mint and thyme that are ready to harvest and we'll come and help you pick some.

The hard work (and constant watering) of the garden volunteers have kept the garden in great condition through the sweltering summer. Even if you don't want any veg, come and enjoy the space anyway. Grab a great value fresh coffee from the centre, and sit and admire the plants in full bloom.

Better still, if you've an hour or two a week to spare, maybe you could come and do a bit of gardening with the team? They're here Mondays and Fridays 1 - 4pm and are keen to welcome more volunteers.

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