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NBA 2K23 Download Time: How to Speed Up the Process on PS, Xbox & PC

@riceNpea Not ironic at all really, just your take 'I think'. I'm all for opinions, but spouting negativity about a game you probably have no interest in - doesn't really count as an opinion for me. It's merely spreading negativity for the sake of it ??

What does PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4 copying update files mean? Why is your PS5 or PS4 copying update files? Why does copying on PS5 and PS4 take such a long time? On PS4, once you've downloaded a game update, the console will begin a tedious "copying" procedure, which can take a long time. This also occurs on PS5, though it's not quite as slow on the newer console. It's a pretty frustrating part of updating your games, but what does copying actually mean? What does it do, and why does it take so long to finish? We're going to try and answer these questions below.

how long does nba 2k23 take to download


Anyway, once that's done, the copying begins. So, your PS5 or PS4 has downloaded the update file for, say, Call of Duty: Warzone. It then needs to install it, and it does this by basically copying the whole game file, and adds the patch in the process. The benefit of this method is that it helps to prevent file corruption.

The speed of the copying process will vary from game to game. Some games on PS5 and PS4 aren't even 1GB in size, so the copying process will be very speedy. However, many of the more popular games can be dozens or even hundreds of gigabytes. The larger the original game size, the longer it's going to take for your PS5 or PS4 to complete the copying procedure. Games such as GTA 5, Gran Turismo Sport, and Call of Duty: Warzone, for example, take a long time to copy due to frequent updates and a hefty file size to begin with.

I have to say, this has become quite painful recently. As others, an update to GT Sport takes over an hour, which is mad for minor updates. The download is fairly fast, it's the copy process (on a PS4 Pro) that is quite laughable. I feel like Sony do need to address this if possible and hopefully pre-empt similar issues for PS5.

This is a failsafe. There should be a way to disable it and install the update directly without copying as you can do with PC and Xbox One. PC takes a few seconds to install Destiny 2 updates after downloading. I think Xbox One takes 10 seconds or so for the same update.

I started noticing that updates were taking forever when I started playing Modern Warfare. I just thought it was Activation taking shortcuts or something, I didn't realise it was Sony trying a new method. I nearly 1gbps speeds, this new method is totally unnecessary and frustrating. It takes much longer for updates more, much, much longer.

@CHADW1N But then the download will take much longer. The old method is good for people with very very fast internet. The new method is good for less data transfer in the internet and people with not so fast internet.

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@gamer_since_83 the PS5 will have a solid state drive so it will be a little bit faster but the reason it takes so long is because it adds a copy of the update to the download of the full game and then re-download the full game it does this so that the system doesn't have any chance of getting errors in the software

@leucocyte I've seen an update take more in the copying phase than the download itself but it's quite rareI don't remember what game it was for unfortunatelyI imagine it's still a thing for PS4 games on PS5

@Voltan - probably, since the patching mechanism for any particular PS4 game isn't going to change just because it's on a PS5. it should still be able to copy the data back and forth a lot quicker though. and a lot of PS4 games don't do that anyway.. ghost of tsushima doesn't, updates just download and install immediately. it's the only PS4 game i have installed on my PS5 though, since its the only one i've bought post-PS5.

That said, some NBA 2K23 games will have differentiating download file sizes depending on the console generation you play on. NBA 2K is introducing a lot of new content for next-gen console players, and as a result, those downloads could take longer.

Thankfully most games do not take that long to download, so you will be ready to proceed to play your newly downloaded game almost immediately. There is nothing more frustrating than buying a new gaming console and having to wait to pay for it when you first get it.

This is one of the biggest reasons that being able to purchase games online and download them immediately has become so popular. That and the simple fact that you no longer have to carry any games with you when you go anywhere.

Since the Switch is now transferring the data a little bit faster the games that you are downloading will download to the console faster. You can use this along with the other tricks mentioned above and below to speed up downloading games to your Nintendo Switch system.

Placing your Switch on the dock does allow games to download faster! If you put your Switch in sleep mode while on the dock it will download even faster as all of its power will be used to download the game.

There's nothing worse than sitting around waiting for your PlayStation 4 to finish copying, is there? It really does feel like it takes forever when all we want to do is get stuck into a game. Is that too much to ask? Apparently so.

With the newer and faster PS5 available, the PS4 sure feels like it has some work to do. If you've asked yourself, "Why does copying take so long on PS4?" and "how can I make the updates go faster?" you've come to the right place.

You've probably already worked this one out or at least had a good idea of why it happens, but the reason it can take such a long time to copy an update over is all down to the size of your game. So, in essence, the larger the game size, the longer it's going to take for your PS4 to complete the copying procedure.

If you're a Call of Duty player, for example, you'll already know the pain of waiting for those frequent updates and huge file sizes. Also, games like Red Dead Redemption 2 or Last of Us 2 take up almost 100 GB worth of space on the PS4's hard drive, so these types of bigger games will always take longer to get copied over.

Just found this post and THANK YOU!! I was attempting to download a game update to my son's Switch Lite which is always annoying. Our wi-fi on any other device in my home is usually around 400 mbps on 2.4gHz and close to 1Gb on 5G. However, downloading anything on the Switch lite takes forever and the speeds usually register around 10-20mbps if we're lucky. This has been very frustrating. I just changed the internet settings to 1500 and the download went from 46 minutes remaining to 4 minutes remaining and finished in less than that time. Thank you SO much!!

Mileage varies with connection speed, but for some of you, 100+GB downloads may take over an hour. For others, it may take several hours, especially if you are trying to download the game during peak hours.

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